Sunday, January 10, 2010


welcome 2010..
yes.. am looking forward for this year..
i've pile up my resolutions and hopefully i could achieve it..
some of them are long term plan n some of them within 2010 ...
alhamdulillah to this date, Allah swt still give me long life to live.. and am really thankfull for that..
though things had cought in here and there last year..
am still greatful and thankful...=)

so many things have come up lately..

piled of workload from work n school..
yes currently pursuing further part time study ..
but goshh.. its kindaa tiring and stressful..
every hour, minutes, seconds counts of what am doing..
but still wasnt enough..
due date here and there..
owh well.. am not going to quit..
i'm no quitter.. so must proceed..
its for me own future anyway..
insyaAllah me can get through this.. chaiyok illest!

on the new year 1/1/2010..

my BFF Shamila married to her loved ones Hafizul..
congratulation dear..
i'll always pray for your happiness..
but do remember no matter what, i'm here for you.. as always.. =)

another great news from my other BFF..

she's already been
merisik by him..
insyaAllah sooner wedding bells will appear for them both..
i'll pray for your guys happiness..
to him- pls do take care of her yeah.. really loves her to bits..

talk about two of my BFF
mak buyong..
yes both of them are in 7 months pregnancy..
insyaAllah.. if the doctor tell them right..
both will be getting baby boy..
yeah.. i'll be coming auntie soon.. yuhuu..
owh i've already become Aunty to Imran Hakim.. son to both Nurul& Hafiz =)
owh joy joy...

owh not to forget my other best buddy Ejan..

he'll be marrying his fiance this coming 23/1/2010..
do get prepared yer Ejan..
i know you'll be a good husband to Jannah...
insyaAllah.. i'll pray for your happiness..

owh left another one of my best buddy Jai..

heard that he currently working at new office and environment..
hope you like it there.. as you are very cerewetness person..hehhe
hey dude?
bile mau jalan2 cari makan ni?

owh now i've realized that i've been blogging all about my BFF ..

yeah i do cherish them a lot..
coz they were the one who helped me through hard times here and there..
thank you guys and really loves you
all sgt..
korng x lupekan aku ...heheh

well guys.. hopefully this month is a good start for the year 2010..